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adrian dmoch was born in Warsaw, Poland. He is a Polish graphic designer and an art director living and working in Warsaw. He was inspired to take on graphic design as a result of his life-long passion for painting. He began as teenager to develop his skills, making a lot of skeches, drawings, pastel and oil paintigs. He is self-taught painter. Adrian has been passionately developing his paintings skills but since 2005 he has decided to concentarte on graphic design. He is also into photography due to his creativity and passion for traveling.
He is curently working for 303 Advertising Agency as art director.
Client list: HEYAH, ERA, Tak Tak, KB, Orange, Nikon, Nestle, Kia, Duka, Polcard, EMPiK and more.

Master Degree of Marketing and Management on Warsaw University
Warsaw School of Advertising

IDEOLS - Warsaw, July 2008

KTR 2010 - interactive campaign, Heyah
KTR 2011 - film award, Tak Tak


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